Luís Alegre


[NO AUDIO]  displays a series of images which reveal particular moments, more or less known from the worlds of cinema, fashion or advertising. But also vernacular images that any of us could make and spread on the web.
All the scenes depicted are figurative, almost primary, either by deletion of the features or by the strong but reduced color palette.
All are fragments with film characteristics, but with no audio, to which subtitles were added, as realistic as confusing, as sad as optimistic, with humor or cynicism.
The book emphasizes in it's title an element that is not in the list of characteristics of the works presented.
The vast majority of images have captions written, a fact that ultimately guides the viewers to a wide spectrum of interpretations and literary imagery. 

There is a somewhat paradoxical idea in these works that I deliberately wanted to explore, which ultimately situates these pieces on the border between sorrow and joy, between "I've felt this before" and "what the fuck is this?".

Luís Alegre was born in 1969, in Anadia, Portugal. He graduated in Painting from the Artistic School of Porto in 1989 and took the PhD and Masters Degree in Design at Faculdade de Arquitectura da Universidade Técnica de Lisboa. He currently lives and works in Lisbon, conciliating a career in arts with the activity as a designer. As from the second half of the 90´s he has developed projects that overlap multiple disciplines, connecting design, video and installations. He is a teacher of the Masters Degree in Technological Arts and in the degrees of Film and Communication Sciences at Universidade Lusófona de Lisboa, as well as a creative designer of Ideias com Peso, a communication studio, since 1995.